The Ultimate Croce Tribute

Maggie's Guitar presents the pre-eminent Jim Croce Tribute. Featuring Ron Gletherow, who portrayed Croce on British national television, the tribute presents more than two dozen Croce songs done in his own inimitable style.

“The Jim Croce Story” features all of Croce's hits, as well as songs by his lead guitarist, Maury Muehleisen, and best friend, songwriter Sal Joseph.

Ron Gletherow is a London-born singer-songwriter who portrayed Croce on the British television program “Stars in Their Eyes.” The primetime program had an audience of more than 11 million viewers.

“Jim Croce's music has always held special meaning for me,” said Ron. “The opportunity to keep his music and memory alive is an honor.”

Ron, who now lives in Gales Ferry, Conn., plays with the southeastern-Connecticut band Maggie's Guitar, which released its second CD in April. Other band members are his wife, Margaret Gletherow, Steve Fagin and Mike Bailey.

The Gletherows were close friends of Sal Joseph. Joseph, who met Croce in college, became his closest friend and is acknowledged as the man who helped launch his career by introducing him to Muehleisen, who was integral to creating what became the “Croce sound.”





A.J Croce (Jim's son):

I am very touched that you are celebrating my fathers music. I know that my father would also be very touched that you still listen to his music and support it, and that it means so much. All the best with your tribute.

Mike DiBenedetto (Jim's first musical partner and friend):

It has been my pleasure to have known Maggie and Ron for many years. It thrills me to no end to know that Jimmy means so much to wonderful people like Maggie and Ron and the many old and new fans that love his music. In November of '73 I spent a day with Tommy West and told him then that I hoped that Jim would not soon be forgotten and he and I promised to do whatever we could to keep Jimmy's memory and music alive. To our delight, that labor of love has been carried on by talented, sensitive people like Maggie and Ron.

Steve Angelucci [Jim's cousin] and I saw A.J., Jim's son, perform in Atlantic City a few years ago and he was overwhelmed by the fact that Maggie, Ron and those like them were still thoroughly enjoying Jim's music and stories.

Stay ‘Crocefied.'

Terry Cashman (Jim's co-producer):

"Thanks for doing so much to keep Jim and Maury's music alive. Tommy and I appreciate it very much and send you and everyone else performing and attending the event our most sincere, best wishes. Bless you all."

Tommy West (Jim's co-producer):

“One of Jim and Maury's greatest legacies is that nice and talented people were initially fans and later carriers of their musical torch. Maggie's Guitar sings and writes from the heart...enjoy the music.”

Steve Angelucci (Jim's cousin):

Greetings to all the Jim Croce and Maury Muehleisen fans who are celebrating the lives and songs of these artists at this tribute event. As a member of the Croce family, I was fortunate to know Jim from his childhood and see him develop into one of the finest acoustic artists and songwriters that ever lived. Through Jim and Joe Salviuolo, I befriended Maury and appreciated his vast talent. I was proud to assist them any way I could through my journalist efforts. Congratulations to them for their outstanding accomplishments and to you, their fans and fellow musicians, for appreciating their vital music and passing it on to new generations.

Mary Muehleisen (Maury's sister):

I am grateful to all of you for perpetually reminding those you meet to remember Maury and Jim and the beautiful music they created, music that brings more of us together each and every day.

With gratitude, I wish you all Peace and Love,

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